Roman Soldier Visit

Roman Army Day for Schools

English: Legio III Cyrenaica of New England (U...

Book a Roman Soldier Visit for your school.

The Romans had  the most highly organized and efficient army of the ancient world. The might of the army enabled Rome to expand its empire across the Mediterranean world and beyond.

The Roman soldier was highly trained and well equipped. The Roman infantry soldiers or legionaries were the core fighting force.  Each legionary was well protected with helmet, body armour and a special shield called a scutum. His main armament was a short stabbing sword or gladius and a throwing spear or pilum.

The army was organized into Legions each having its own supporting cavalry and artillery units. Within its ranks every Legion also had many specialist surveyors, engineers and craftsmen.

Roman soldiers practised their battle tactics and fought in special formations according to the situation and enemy opposing them. They were experts in road construction and also built their own forts and supply depots.

Find out more about Roman Soldiers and the Roman Army by booking a Roman Soldier Visit for your school.

Learn about:

  • Organization
  • Training
  • Tactics
  • Weapons
  • Equipment
  • Forts
  • Roads
  • and more…

Children will also take part in Roman Army Battle Drill and practice formations and tactics using safe replica equipment made from plastic or foam.

See also Roman History Day for schools.

Contact us now for more information about this exciting living history experience.

Check price and availability now!


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