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Why The Sea Is Salty

This is an ‘explain’ legend. A poor fisherman catches a seal in his net by mistake. The seal asks to be put back into the sea. In return for his freedom the seal brings the fisherman a magic shell which can produce anything you wish for. The shell is stolen by a wicked pirate who wants to use it to become rich. However in his haste the pirate fails to use the correct magic words and his ship fills with salt and sinks to the bottom of the sea. That is the end of the pirate but the shell makes salt forevermore.

Traditional Tales performed with puppets.

The Willow Pattern Story

This is a well known legend of the pattern on the famous china plate. The Emperor’s daughter falls in love with a lowly garden boy. Her father plans for her to marry a wealthy nobleman. The young couple try to runaway but are trapped by the palace guards. Before they are captured a friendly spirit transforms them into blue birds and they fly away together. True love prevails.

Traditional Tales performed with puppets.


The Wolf And The Seven Little Lambs

A familiar story in which a mother sheep warns her playful lambs not to open the door to strangers whilst she is away. A crafty wolf tricks them into letting him into the house after which he gobbles them up and falls asleep. The mother returns and rescues her children finally disposing of the wolf by pushing him down the well!

Traditional Tales performed with puppets.