Pirate Workshop Day...exciting, educational and fun pirate experience!

Pirate Day

About the workshop

KS1 Pirate Workshop Day is the perfect hook for your Pirate Topic.

Pirate Day is an exciting and fun educational experience for younger children.

Suitable for Reception, Yr1, Yr2, Yr3 and Yr4 ages groups.

It includes:

  • Learning about pirates, pirate facts and pirate life
  • Elements of history and geograpghy
  • Watching an exciting and fun Pirate Puppet Show
  • Some role play, Pirate activities and lots of joining in
  • Learning through discussion, questions and answers
  • Pirate Day is an extremely exciting experience. The children are usually joining in enthusiastically right from the start and remain fully engaged for the entire day.

    Rascally Ron (aka Pirate Ron ) is very silly and you can be sure the children will soon be be laughing, having fun and joining in. Most importantly though, they are learning too and loving every minute.

    The children are encouraged to ask questions. Here are some typical examples.

    • Who became a Pirate?
    • Why did pirates steal treasure?
    • Who was the most famous pirate?
    • What was life like on a Pirate ship?
    • How old were pirates?
    • Were there any girl pirates?
    • Did Pirates have parrots?
    • What was the food like on a pirate ship?
    • Where did pirates go to the toilet?

    Pirate Day is always lots of fun but with lots of learning too!

Workshop photos

Class photo with Pirate Ron

Class photo. Teachers often like to have a group photo with Pirate Ron in front of the pirate ship. These children were from a well known public school in the Manchester area.

Children dressed as pirates

Coming to school in pirate costume is very exciting. Not all schools dress up but Pirate Day is perfect for putting on a costume and usually the teachers come as pirates too.

Children working in pairs on pirate day

There is usually a little bit of role play in pirate day plus working in pairs to answer questions, to think up questions or to come up with ideas.

Pirate Ron holding a simple hand puppet

The puppet making acitivity is accessible to all ability levels and requires minimum suprevision. It allows the children to express their creativity often with amazing results.

Children watching he pirate puppet show

The pirate puppet show is very exciting. Even children who are normally quiet or withdrawn are usually fully engaged and joining in. Teachers descibe it as more like a mini panto.

Parents helping on Pirate Day

Pirate day is a perfect opportunity to encourage parental involvement. Parent helpers often come in to help with puppet making in the afternoon.

Pirate Ron talking to a group of sixty children

Pirate Ron talking to a group of sixty children. Having two or three or even four classes together for the day is no problem. We do it all the time.

Children making puppets on Pirate Day

Pirate day has so much to offer. The children have a great time from start to finish. They are learning, having fun and they even get their own puppet to keep at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?
Prices vary. Travelling to London and the South is a lot more expensive but we will come providing our costs are covered.
What is the format for the day?
When you send in an enquiry we will reply with a quotation and a timetable for the day. We are flexible on timings and will adjust to fit in with your needs.
What areas do you cover?
Anywhere in England. We are based in Yorkshire and therefore it costs more the further away you are from us.
Do you need the school hall?
Not necessarily. We can work in a large classroom. It may mean moving some of the tables and chairs but we do often work in classrooms.
Can other classes watch the show?
Yes, you can bring other classes that are not doing pirate day in to watch the show. There is no extra charge for this.
What do we need to provide?
We bring all materials except newspaper. You will need one sheet between two and classroom scissors, pencils, crayons and rubbish bags.
Can we book just the show or just a half day visit?
Yes, but the cost will be nearly as much as a full day because of travel.
Can nursery join in?
Yes, nursery children can join in and we do sometimes do a full day just with nursery children even if it is just one show in the morning and another in the afternoon for the afternoon children. The cost is the same as for a full day. Please ask for a quote.

Comments (117)

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Anna White says...
A fantastic day fun for children and staff alike! The children learnt lots of interesting facts about pirates, were entertained by the puppet show and used their creativity to make their own puppets! A really great day that I would whole-heartedly recommend. Thank you Pirate Ron!
8th February 2022 2:28pm
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Sarah D says...
Pirate Ron was absolutely fabulous! All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have gained a much deeper understanding of our pirate topic. Pirate Ron was engaging and funny; the children loved him! A new firm favourite with our school. Thank you, Pirate Ron!
25th May 2021 7:35am
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Lewis Hoyle (Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK) says...
On Monday 14th September, Beech Hill School in Halifax, welcomed "Pirate Ron" into school for an action-packed day of fun. Prior to the visit, Ron sent the school his COVID secure risk assessment which was very thorough. He had also read through the school's risk assessments and adhered to the procedures throughout his visit. He ensured that he always kept a minimum of 2m distance and ensured good hand hygiene. The day was great success and it really helped to bring the topic of pirates to life Read More
22nd September 2020 9:06pm
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Amber Latif says...
We had the most amazing experience with Pirate Ron.The children learnt about pirates ,had a Q and A session ,a puppet show and they made puppets. The children and the adults present loved the session which was not only informative but lots of fun!Thoroughly recommended!
13th May 2019 10:01pm
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Clare Forsyth says...
What a fantastic day! From start to finish the children loved every minute of the pirate workshop. Ron was great with children and the day was filled with laughter! Thankyou for a great start to our topic!
30th April 2019 9:04pm
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