The Healthy Eating Show...entertaining, educational puppet show for Key Stage 1!

Healthy Eating Show...for key stage 1

About the show

The Healthy Eating Show uses puppetry, storytelling and clowning to promote the value of healthy eating and exercise.

A great show with an important message.

Exciting Castle style puppet theatre and a lovely story involving a king, a wicked witch, a naughty cook, a jester, a ghost and a crazy dog called "Bonkers". The children have to help break the spell cast on the king so that everyone can live happily ever after.

Reinforces teaching about life style choices and the school's own policy to encourage healthy eating.

This is a very lively show with lots of audience participation. It is like a mini pantomime with a narrator and puppets.

The show is aimed at KS1 children but can also be enjoyed by most children in KS2 as part of a whole school presentation.

The shows lasts approximately 60 minutes and can be watched by individual classes, an entire year group or the whole school!

Some larger schools split the children and have one show in the morning and a second in the afternoon.

The show can also be booked as part of a puppet day or combined with another workshop for KS2 i.e. Maths or Romans. You could have the show in the morning for KS1 and in the afternoon a different subject for the KS2 children.