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Interesting photos I have taken of classroom displays and artwork in schools I have visited.

School With A Zoo!

Cromwell Road Primary, Birmingham

What an amazing school. Apart from all the fantastic, inspiring artwork and displays inside and outside the school they even have their own mini zoo. I have never seen so many animals and birds in a school before. How amazing for children living in the centre of a massive city to experience nature hands on like this.

This was not all. There were other creatures and mini beasts that I missed. They have made a massive effort here to create something really special for the children. Excellent!

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History Timeline

School Display of Key Historical Events

One school I visited had a fantastic display showing key historical events.

This picture below is of King Harold being shot in the eye at the Battle of Hastings.

The children designed each individual picture and they were then arranged in date order along the top of a wall in the school corridor.

To see my photographs of the entire display go to the History Timeline page.




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Model Pirate Ship KS1

Model Pirate Ship For KS1 Pirate Topic

This fantastic model Pirate Ship was on display in a Year 1 classroom. It had been made by a parent and was kept in school whilst the KS1 children were doing their Pirate Topic. Teachers often set making a model pirate ship as a homework project. It is a great idea for a Design Technology ( DT ) project in school too. Click on the photo below to see more examples.

Model Pirate Ship KS! Pirates

This model Pirate Ship was made by the parent of a Yr 1 child and was on display in the classroom on Pirate Day.


See more Pirate Day photo galleries plus pirate themed classroom displays.

Return to the Pirate Page or to get a price for a PIRATE DAY visit to your school, click the link below:

Check price and availability now!

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Simple Sums Classroom Display

I really liked this display classroom display. It uses cut out hands to help to show how to do  addition and subtraction sums. The children can see the numbers written down together with the plus, minus and equals signs and then perform the sum using their own fingers by copying the hand pictures. Nice and simple!

Classroom display - fingers for adding and subtractiong

addition and subtraction

Adding and subtracting using fingers display

adding and subtracting

Use of fingers to add up and take away display

adding and subtracting

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Recycling Display

Children from Clarendon School collected waste products and used them to create exciting displays like the one shown below. The children were being encouraged to think of ways of reusing materials rather than just disopsing of them. The gold paint creates a stunning effect.

Recycling display by children from Clarendon School.

Recycling display

What do you think of this idea? Please post your comments below.