The Praise Pod

I made a visit to Marshlands Primary School in Goole yesterday and saw something I’d never come across before. As you walk into reception there is a highly decorated booth in the corner. It’s called the Praise Pod. I was intrigued and decided to investigate further. On drawing back the curtain I discovered a tripod and a stool inside. It resembled a photo booth that you might use for passport photos.

I asked a member of staff about the Praise Pod and she explained that every month the teachers choose a star pupil. Someone who has done really well in one another. A video camera is set up inside the Praise Pod and the star pupil is recorded talking about themselves and their achievements and saying why they were picked to go in the Praise Pod.

I thought this was a brilliant idea. It’s a nice way of recognising and rewarding individual effort. It encourages others to try hard. It’s also a good way of utilising modern technology as the children can play back the video on classroom computers, practice editing the files and uploading to the school web site.

The Praise Pod

The Praise Pod

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