History Of The Seaside | Chronology

Royal Pavilion, Brighton

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Important Dates In The History Of The Seaside

17th – 18th Century Spas became popular holiday places for the rich.

1730’s People travel to Scarborough where sea bathing has become part of the cure

1785 The Prince Regent decides takes a liking to the seaside town of Brighton and settles there.

1789 King George the Third travels to Weymouth and bathes in the sea.

1815 The Battle of Waterloo signals the end of the Napoleonic Wars and it is once more possible to travel to France.

Plans for a Royal Pavilion at Brighton are accepted.

1824 The French Royal Family go to Dieppe for sea bathing.

1828 Sir James Burton designs St leonards

1840’s The first railway excursions to the coast begin.

1850’s Seaside development begins. Characteristic wrought iron railings, shelters, bandstands and piers start to be built at British seaside resorts.

1867 The famous Grand Hotel is built at Scarborough.

1871 The first ever British Bank Holiday!

1880’s In the USA Coney Island develops amusement parks.

1881 First US pier at Atlanta City.

1883 Brighton gets an electric railway on the seafront.

1890’s Queen Victoria takes a winter holiday to the French Riviera.

1894 Postcards are allowed to be sent by the British Post Office.

1900’s Expansion of the seaside with many large hotels built at resorts both in Britain and the USA.

1914 – 1918 The First World War. Holidays and travel are severely restricted.

1920’s Rise in popularity of the French Riviera. Sunbathing becomes fashionable and swim suits become briefer.

1930’s Suntan creams on sale for the first time.

1936 Billy Butlin opens his first holiday camp, know as Butlins

1939-1945 The Second World War.

1950’s Package Holidays start to become available.


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