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Model Pirate Ship KS1

Model Pirate Ship For KS1 Pirate Topic

This fantastic model Pirate Ship was on display in a Year 1 classroom. It had been made by a parent and was kept in school whilst the KS1 children were doing their Pirate Topic. Teachers often set making a model pirate ship as a homework project. It is a great idea for a Design Technology ( DT ) project in school too. Click on the photo below to see more examples.

Model Pirate Ship KS! Pirates

This model Pirate Ship was made by the parent of a Yr 1 child and was on display in the classroom on Pirate Day.


See more Pirate Day photo galleries plus pirate themed classroom displays.

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Pirate Ship for School Show

Pirate Day Pirate Ship

Exciting Pirate Experience

Pirate Day is an exciting experience for primary school children. Pirates are a popular topic for Key Stage 1 and many schools book our Pirate Day to fire up the children’s imaginations and further inspire them to want to learn more.

This is the Pirate Ship which is used in the Pirate Puppet Show, an important part of our Pirate Day for schools. The Pirate Ship is the back drop for the show but also the puppet stage. It can be set up in a classroom or the school hall.



“Ahoy me harties, this be my pirate ship!” 

The Pirate Ship provides a visual focus for the day. The puppets are big and colourful and the show itself has a simple story with lots of audience participation. It is often described by teachers as a being more like a  pantomime with puppets.


To see feedback about Pirate Day and the Pirate Puppet Show go to the Feedback Page.

Setting up requirements

It takes about thirty minutes to set up the show once all of the equipment has been brought in.  Assistance may be required to carry bags and boxes if access is difficult or if there is a fairly long distance from the car park to the performance area. Here are the requirements:

  • Can be set up on any floor space which has a flat, level  surface.
  • Must be indoors.
  • Should have a wall or screen behind it to conceal the puppets from view.
  • Needs to be located near a power point for the pa system.

Class photographs

Some teachers like to have a class photograph with the children in a group in front of the Pirate Ship. Other teachers take photographs of the children individually or in smaller groups.

Pirate Day Class Photo

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Blackbeard Sketch Is Perfect

This charcoal sketch by a KS1 pupil captures the character of the famous pirate Blackbeard perfectly.  Blackbeard is the most famous pirate of all.




Charcoal Sketch of Blackbeard by KS1 pupil

Facts about Blackbeard

  • Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach.
  • He was born in 1680  and died in 1718.
  • His ship was called Queen Anne’s Revenge.
  • He tied lit fuses in his hair and beard to frighten his enemies.
  • Blackbeard’s flag depicted a skeleton spearing a heart whilst toasting the devil.


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