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Magic Maths

Make Maths Exciting!calculations

Maths Workshop Day is all about having fun with numbers.  Each child becomes a Mathemagician learning how to do fab magic tricks and stunts which apparently require incredible mathematical ability, telepathy, super fast reflexes or special powers. Maths lessons will never be the same again!

Action centred learning

The Magic Maths workshop includes plenty of hands on, have a go activity. Playing cards, dice, string, match sticks, coins, paper, card and other everyday objects are used as props for counting and measuring. The children are therefore using their hands as well as their heads thus learning by doing.

Improving concentration

As with any new knowledge or skill, learning and performing number magic requires concentration. Although most of the tricks are  fairly straightforward it is essential to concentrate in order to avoid mistakes. Practicing the tricks helps to improve concentration.

Problem solving

Encouraging children to apply their intelligence and think is an essential part of the learning process. Magic is fascinating and most children are keen to try and work out how a magical effect is achieved. In the Magic Maths Workshop the children have a go at “problem solving” before the mystery is explained.

Mental maths

A Mathemagician has to be able to do quick calculations in his / her head. Pulling out a pocket calculator in the middle of a demonstration of maths genius is not an option! The workshop therefore encourages kids to practice their mental maths as part of a fun activity.

Building confidence

Once a trick has been mastered it must be performed. A performance can be one to one or in front of a group. Encouraging children to perform the tricks can help to build their self confidence.

Learning from mistakes

Helping children to understand that failing is part of the learning process is a valuable lesson in school and in life generally. In Magic Maths if the trick will not work it is because a mistake has been made. The workshop teaches the children to think through the process, identify the mistake and then to take care and try again.

Cross curricular

There is also scope to link the workshop to other subjects such as creative writing, history or science. Notes are provided for teachers with ideas on how this can be achieved.

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For more information about Maths Workshop Day visit the Jolly Good Workshops for Schools web site.