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Marionette Workshop for Design Technology

Marionette Puppets | Design Technology Project

Marionette Puppet

Marionette ( string ) Puppet

The Jolly Good Workshops for Schools Marionette Workshop Day can be used by teachers to help their children achieve the targets set down in the National Curriculum for  Key Stage 2 Design and Technology ( DT ).

The aim of the workshop is to enable  every child to make their own marionette puppet that really works.

Knowledge and understanding will be gained in the following areas:

  • Developing, planning and communicating ideas.
  • Working with tools, equipment, materials and components to make quality products.
  • Evaluating processes and products.
  • Assessing materials and components.

Developing and planning the puppet

A marionette puppet is complex and therefore requires careful planning. The children learn the design criteria for making their puppet by

  • watching film clips
  •  live demonstrations .
  • group discussion.
  • questions and answers.

Working with tools, equipment and materials

A variety of tools and equipment will be used. The children will learn to handle tools safely, measure materials accurately or use approximate measurements where necessary. Use cutting tools with precision. Make moving joints and experience different ways of joining materials together.

Evaluating processes and products

At each stage consideration will be given to alternative processes and the advantages and disadvantages of one method compared to another.

Assessing materials and components

Consideration will be given to why particular materials have been selected and what alternatives could have been used.  The component parts of the puppet will be carefully examined to determine the important aspects of each part as it relates to the whole.

Cross-curriculum linking

The Marionette Workshop can be cross linked to other areas of the national curriculum. Here are a few suggestions:

  • English – reading instructions, writing instructions or describing the making process.
  • ICT – searching for relevant information about marionettes. Using desk top publishing to illustrate their work.
  • Art and design – creative use of colour and other materials to enhance their finished product.
  • Science – evaluate alternative materials that could have been used. Study the mechanics of the puppet and movement.
  • Mathematics – Maeasurement, estimation, drawing accurately, working out the cost of materials to make the puppets.
  • Health and Safety – own safety and safety of others. Identifying risks. Procedures to ensure safe working.


If you would like a quotation for the Marionette Workshop please use the Enquiry Form on our main web site.

See also our Puppet Workshop Day information.

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