Number Fun Darlington

Maths Workshop Darlington Area

Problem solving

Problem solving

Primary schools in the Darlington  looking for ideas for their maths week or who want to get their children excited about maths can book our Number Fun or Magic Maths Workshop.

We are within easy reach of schools in Darlington, Richmond ( Yorks ), Northallerton, Ripon, Barnard Castle, Bedale, Leyburn, Stockton, Newton Aycliffe, Catterick, Bishop Auckland and surrounding areas.

We bring magic into the classroom by teaching the children tricks that are based on maths to achieve their magical effect.

The workshop activities include problem solving, team work, communication skills, mental maths, drama, logic, listening, concentrating, following instructions, confidence building, calculating on paper and with calculators, number bonds and patterns, areas and shapes and more.

The Magic Maths Workshop is aimed at KS2 but younger children can also take part. Some schools mix the year groups so that the older children can help the younger ones.

To find out more please use the enquiry form on our main web site.


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