Model Pirate Ship KS1

Model Pirate Ship For KS1 Pirate Topic

This fantastic model Pirate Ship was on display in a Year 1 classroom. It had been made by a parent and was kept in school whilst the KS1 children were doing their Pirate Topic. Teachers often set making a model pirate ship as a homework project. It is a great idea for a Design Technology ( DT ) project in school too. Click on the photo below to see more examples.

Model Pirate Ship KS! Pirates

This model Pirate Ship was made by the parent of a Yr 1 child and was on display in the classroom on Pirate Day.


See more Pirate Day photo galleries plus pirate themed classroom displays.

Return to the Pirate Page or to get a price for a PIRATE DAY visit to your school, click the link below:

Check price and availability now!

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